To Dispel the Illusion of Separation and Unleash the Limitless 

Human Potential upon the World

“This is what I’ve learned about US:

            "Many of us have forgotten, and want to remember, who we are, what we truly want, how to really think for ourselves, how to BE happy. We have forgotten what it feels like to dream, what it feels like to LIVE, what if feels like to be, who we are, where we are… we have forgotten all we KNOW about the universe in which we live.

We want, more than anything, to be in relationship, to connect, to learn, to share, to help, to trust.  We want to hear we’re good enough.  We want to hear that we are safe.  We want to experience love, and the intimate sharing of Self.  We want to know we are a part of something bigger.  We want to know that we are not alone, to know that we are important. We want to know that we matter. This is the void that needs to be filled, the hunger that needs to be fed.” ~ Danelle Magtibay ~

My Vision

A World of ONENESS, PEACE & ABUNDANCE… A World which Hungers for Nothing

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