The Divided States of America

"When will people realize that the left wing and the right wing are a part of the same bird?" ~Indigenous Leader

It has never been more evident that our country is divided. And I think, deep down inside, we all have to admit that it is not one parties fault (pun intended). Many people have asked me who's "side" I am on. My official, off-the-cuff response has become; "Left, Right, Left, Right...that's how march down the road to nowhere".

The entire foundation upon which I coach, teach and lead is ONENESS. I believe the illusion of separation is at the core of every faulty belief system we have as a collective humanity and that the state we find our Selves in today should, for that reason, be examined by each one of individually, if we hope to receive the New World that is waiting for us. The change that is necessary to save our world must first be conceived and nurtured from within if there is ever a hope for it to see the Light.

I have felt the need lately to share... but have been uncertain how best to do that. I've decided for now that this is not up tp me :) so I will be posting things that resonate with me because I believe... we are on the brink.

Namaste & Enjoy!


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