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The Oneness Approach

The META-Method is a Way of Living that organically evolved out of my own 28-year quest for peace.  I wanted to feel WHOLE and that meant not only having a healthy body but KNOWING how to control my thoughts and navigate emotional situations with grace and ease. I wanted to be truly confident as a co-creator of my own life because I knew by doing so, I could become more compassionate, present and aware. Understanding all the aspects of myself; my mental, emotional and physical  bodies as well as my Spiritual Essence and Purpose in Life, provided a solid foundation of core values and beliefs upon which a fulfilling life could be built. Along the way I realized that not only was this something I could “do” but something that I AM destined to Be… and so are you!

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META-Morphosis Coaching

Energetic Life Coaching

The META-Technique is based upon the reduction of everything to its most fundamental form which is energy. Everything is energy and there is only one energy. IT moves in certain ways that we can’t always see it but we CAN see the results of It's force. These dynamics can be applied to all forms of energy including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

The META-Method  of coaching is the practice of Self Mastery  in an ever-evolving life experience of learning how to THINK WHAT YOU WANT AND FEEL WHAT YOU WANT so you can CREATE WHAT YOU WANT AT WILL. Building upon the fundamental concepts of energy, which is information, we now apply them to the vital areas of our lives. When we learn how to nurture and support our Selves in these fundamental ways, we begin to experience a life of  adventure, meaning and fulfillment.


  • Spiritual Connection 

  • Fulfilling Relationships

  • A Healthy, Vital Body

  • Purposeful Work that creates an

  • Abundant Flow

We must first become whole within ourselves before we can truly BE in relationship with ONE another. Only then do we open the door to the possibilities of Oneness.

META-Morphic Healing

Wellness Coaching & Energy Healing

META-Morphic Healing takes the understanding that energy underlies all reality and expands it to practicing how to  use various methods of communication to interact with underlying energetic fields that surround us at all times including the morphic field, the quantum/Planck field, electro-magnetic fields etc.  

META-Physique is the Practice of Mastering Your Environment through understanding and utilizing the interactions between the Energy of the Body and the Fields that surround it. 

  • Force-Field Energy Work​

Integrating classic healing techniques of Reiki, Qigong, Healing Light and Shamanism with concepts of Morphic Field Therapy,  Epigenetics, Quantum Biology​ and Wave Genetics creates a powerful approach to healing Mind, Body and Spirit.

  •  Lifestyle Change Coaching

The truth of the matter is that Life and Being is simple. We are the ones who complicate it. For example, we all know that to maintain a healthy body we must eat well and exercise yet most of us struggle to do so.​ Knowing what to do isn't the issue. The real problem lies is WHY we don't do it. 

The real obstacles to health and happiness lie not with the outside world but within US.

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